Wednesday, March 19, 2014

try it out!

My husband loves music  but admittedly, he can’t sing a decent song not even to save his life. But ironically, his prowess in creating sound systems for cars is an ace! I mean he garners awards from different car and audio shows here and there from time to time, something that he is kinda known for when it comes to car audio. And even if I wanted him to sing me a song or play the guitar or this cheap behritone c5a from guitar center to serenade me and all, guess it won't happen, not even in a hundred years! :D

Friday, March 14, 2014


with the trend these days everything and anything is made so compact. just like mobile phones, before when it was first introduced for the public it was like jurassic in size but now it has become so tiny you wouldn't even guess that a person is holding one! another example are the music players, first comes the walkman, then the ever popular disc man that it was so cool being seen with one! and now, there are mp3 players and mp4 which are so little but possible to load with hundreds and even thousands of songs and yes, movies! gadget freaks are really getting into making those stuffs so little to become handy. but do you know that even online download of music by ddrum drums at Guitar Center is now available?! yes it is! well for me, it is one good innovation, something you can use anytime and anywhere!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


My daughter has been asked by her dad if she wanted to take up some guitar lessons this coming summer vacation. Though she’s only wanting a violin lesson ever since, she might consider this guitar lesson as she wanted to do something new for this vacation. Good thing there are music schools nearby that offers lessons and even sells great guitars at new beginners guitars

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

pandora love

oh yes, I'm definitely addicted to Pandora! that even my husband engaged in the idea on creating my own story bracelet :) In fact, on our 8th year anniversary he gave me a heart shape charm with "love" in chinese character! haven't had a chance to take photos as we all got so busy with the holiday rush, will sure share my new charm soon! And speaking of holidays, it nice to give jewelries to love ones during this time, just like tiffany and scott kay too! It'll sure be well appreciated ;)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Rock bands are very popular nowadays and these bands are often divided to different categories. Some bands are acoustics, some are metallic and some are heavy metallic some are like exceptional williams overture 88 key digital piano. Every one of us has a particular taste for a band, some may find heavy metallic as a noise but some do appreciate this type of music. In coordination with the bands popularity, many shirts, sign boards and other fan-made paraphernalia had been newly designed to match some of the band’s music.


#popstarprincess party for #yzsha7th #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #cake
It was another successful event for K Snaps Productions for a Popstar themed party of Yzsha :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

pandora cleaning

eto oh, @burieks @litz0320 @sxypnk
It's probably my acidic reaction to silver makes my pandora bracelet and charms tarnish faster than most of my friends own charmed bracelet. Good thing there was one time when a sales lady hand me a free polishing cloth when I purchased a charm... it was my life saver indeed! It saves me time and effort whenever I feel like cleaning my stash and polishing it. Basically it's just like carnauba wax at musicians friend for their musical instruments!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

groupon buys love!

We are obviously, all aware how hard life is nowadays. In fact, with so many companies shutting down leaving workers unemployed for months now makes the whole scenario very much complicated. That is why, as much as we can we try to save up and extend our buying power for the necessities of life. Even those who can really afford to buy expensive products are now trying to cut off their over buying and are even lining up for the sales section at the mall and stores and of course the phenomenal groupon local deals! It's all about being practical really. And I for one, enjoys the thought of buying stuff at the comfort of my own home without having to leave my place plus the great fact that we saved up for as much as 70%! Isn't it the coolest?! I bet you agree!
You see, everyone of us wants the best product there is the market, but what if they are just way to expensive compare to the other brands that said to offer the same thing as the high end brands right? so probably to make sure it does, we do try the cheaper ones first and see if it meet up our expectation and if it does, then we got a steal! 
And speaking of steal and special offerings, what my friends and I do lately is order from the dollar store suppliers online and have those items be ship to our friend's place in the states, she's very kind that she do all the packaging and shipping arrangement for all of those, to practically help us save and be able to still get the best products there is, even for a dollar tag! thank heaven for the dollar store products of different sites for they truly gave their shoppers a chance to extend their buying power by having dollar store item shop wide!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

cake smash!

ba ba ba ba ba ba! banana!!!  Colt's Cake Smash Session #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #cakesmash #cake #birthday #kids #partyideas #boy #safari

Another adorable cake smash session, this time it's our little minion's turn to smash it all up! Ready for his first birthday bash! woot!

printing needs

My original plan for today other than to blog is to organize my photo collection, I realized that there were less than five hundred of pictures that needs to be printed, done with the deleting and some editing too. All I need now is the money for the printing, now that is the problem. It would definitely slash out a huge amount for the whole printing process at seven bucks each. If only we have a printing gadget maybe I only need to worry about inks and photo papers. I guess I need to check out affordable and reliable local business card printer and photo as well  and see if I can make a good deal with it.

gifts for loved ones

Are you looking for a wonderful gift for your friends or loved ones? Well, if your friend has almost everything, then, a consumable item is an ideal and best gift for her. Why not try to order from Shari’s Berries? They’ve got the best and yummy treats such as strawberries, gourmet chocolates and many more. Their products are really mouth watering, once you’ve taste it, you’ll ask for more. You will even recommend it to your friends or if they aren't into sweets and fruits you can try ordering personalized stuff from

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I was just browsing sites earlier today, as usual, while waiting for my mojos to come so I can practically start blogging. When I found about, although I was able to blog about it a few months back, it was only this morning that I learned that they were able to upgrade their services online. Now they have this auto re-order, a system that is beneficial to every household, imagine the less hassle of buying medical items for the family and just receiving it in your desired schedule, the items that you need to have. And for the hospitals, they are the most favored supplier of medical supplies such as l clamps;and the likes. With their vast services to offer, they are indeed the most preferred supplier, plus the fact that they also give out huge discounts and other promos in order to give their customers the best of everything that they can give. So if you are needing equipments, medicines and supplies, why not check out their site first and who knows, you might get interested with all the perks and great deals that they have!

Friday, June 7, 2013

water scene

#ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #glamportraiture

To date, this is one of my favorite photoshoot that was taken early last year. Didn't fathom the idea of being able to shoot inside the pool until it was dark and the in charge personnel turned on the hayward pool lights that made us want to jump in at that very moment! And yes, we finished the shoot with the wet-series and took advantage of the awesome lights that the pool area has!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

party venue

rockstar party happening now! #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #kids #rockstar #kiddieparty #party #parties #partyideas #7thbirthday

It is really nice to see venue that matches whatever the theme of the party, just like this bar that offers place rental for different types of events and gatherings. Anyways, this venue if perfect for concert type party and even rock star peg as it is already equipped with stuff that are needed for the said party like led walls, awesome lights, ramp stage and floor monitor stand as well! Perfect for a party peg event!


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