Sunday, March 23, 2008

Visita Iglesia

We had our yearly Visita Iglesia (Church Visits) last Holy Wednesday, although it's supposed to be done every Maundy Thursday, but due to my cousin's schedule -who is by the way the one in charge for the van driving we had to do an anticipated devotion. We started out early because we had a schedule to follow since we decided to visit the churches in Tagaytay before we head to our yearly routine in Cavite City, the churches were all beautiful and serene, closer to nature and closer to God effect is what you can feel in every house of God we visits, but some of the old folks we are with had hard time reaching some of the high built churches, with so many stair steps to face they even wished for a stair lifts! it was funny how can they come up with ideas such as that, but because we are all there to had a little sacrifice they bear every inch of arthritis pains and joints aches while reaching the hilled placed churches. photos will soon be uploaded...

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