Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we want

Now that Papa is soon to come home for a vacation, we are thinking of where can we treat him for a day or two of some fun and leisure time. besides the water spa we are schedule to go to a week after his arrival, my sister suggested of bringing him to some place so serene and quiet for a day of relaxation, some fishing or just staying indoor with a great outback scene. i don't know if he would like to do some boating or something but anyways, we'll see. there is this one great place a few hours away from our home were we can bring him though, just like the same thing being offered at www.allinclusivevacations123.com where beautiful recreation site is available for those who would like to experience some real relaxation time, with the and other waterfront activities in the beautiful scenic beauty of Smith Mountain Lake. anyways, we'll just see if the plan will push through, i hope so, Papa deserves some relaxing time and a little of leisure too you know. Just the whole thout of it, us enjoying so much as a family makes me want to pull the hands of time so my dad can be here with us now.

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